Mathematics Education in the Digital Age (MEDA), Bari

3-6, September 2024, Università degli Studi di Bari – Aldo Moro, Bari, Italy

Teaching, learning and assessment practices within all phases of mathematics education have
dramatically changed due to global pandemics and the increasing dependences on digital technologies across education systems. Meanwhile, the field has witnessed significant changes in research foci regarding the different ways and uses of digital technologies; from supporting active engagement in rich STEM activities to enabling new assessment practices, communication, and collaboration opportunities. More than ever before, it seems that intensive research is now needed on the wide spectrum of roles that technologies play in mathematics education at all phases.
Alongside, rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are poised to impact education in, as yet, unseen ways. There is a lack of timely and responsive research that can grasp, document, and acknowledge the positive and negative impacts of digital technologies with respect to its potential to both innovate, and seek to address existing and emerging educational and societal challenges within the context of mathematics education. Therefore, ‘New Digital Experiences and Perspectives in Mathematics Education’ is a theme that captures the goals for this proposed ERME Topic Conference “Mathematics Education in the Digital Age MEDA 4”, which will offer space for discussing future directions in the research in mathematics education post-pandemic, and in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Members of the Organizing Committee
Hans-Georg Weigand (Germany)
Alison Clark-Wilson (UK)
Eleonora Faggiano (Italy)
Michal Tabach (Israel)

Members of the Local Organizing Committee
Eleonora Faggiano – Chair
Roberto Capone – Co-chair
Maria Lucia Bernardi
Ida Maiellaro
Saverio Tortoriello
Federica Troilo

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